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I was lucky enough to receive a hamper full of amazing new products in a ‘fall favourites’ theme. This was sent to me from Social Network Solutions. I love getting sent new brands that I haven’t tried out before, some of these brands I have worked for in the past but this time they have sent different products. I’m going to show you what I got. I was going to film an unboxing video but I got sad and couldn’t look happy on camera, but if I do I will link it in the bottom.

The first thing I got was this real leather green tote bag from Ilex London. I am a sucker for a big bag, I have the messiest handbags in the world. Plus the strong statement colour is perfect for this time of year. Statement accessories are my favourite as it means I can be less creative with my outfit. From this paragraph you can kinda see that I am slightly messy and maybe a tad lazy. Here are all of their links.

Ilex London: Website –

Instagram –



The next item I got sent was this Beautiful Brows palette. This palette despite the name is actually a contour palette, I have previously been sent the brow pallet. Both of these products are amazing. One thing I love is that the lid is magnetic so there’s no hinges to break, it’s just a quirky feature that I’ve never seen before.  This palette is from Blank cosmetics, I will talk about this in my NEW IN make up post (coming next week) Shop Beautiful Brows here:

Beautiful Brows: Website –
Instagram –
These SebaMed products are perfect for me as
I have super sensitive skin. These have a PH
balance which matches that of healthy skin
so it is suitable for all the family! I have been sent a liquid body wash, hand cream,
and lip balm. I’ve been using these products for just under 1 month now and I am obsessing. I always have dry lips, and unfortunately I am now getting dry
skin on my hands, I must be getting old (YUK). This hand cream is always in my bag (in amongst rubbish) as well as the lip balm. These are now my favourite products.
Shop these here:
Sebamed: Website –
Instagram –

If you saw my post on my Rare London Blouse  you would have seen a pink clutch bag from VVA handbags, check out their website the bags are so cute you can basically layer bags! This cute little key ring was in the fall favourites hamper and it contrasts perfectly with the pink clutch.


I cannot explain how happy I was to see this product! My all time favourite mascara is the YSL babydoll. Like I’ve said before I’m not a massive fan of trying new products, especially when they cost more than £10. The universe had sent me a free YSL mascara to try to fall in love with. Now this is no babydoll mascara but it is wonderful. I have just stopped wearing Russian extension lashes, so I will be doing a full review on this soon. So far I’m not blown away but it has only been a couple of days. You can shop these from The Beauty Store, where designer make up is discounted and they also do 3 for 2 on NYX which I am super excited about!

Since writing this, I’ve been using this daily but I am loving it!! 

The Beauty Store:
Instagram –

YASSSSS I am always cold and hot water bottles are life. PLUS this is super cute! Blue dotty knitted and soft, I love this. The old lady inside of me went crazy when she saw this. Praise the lord for Mr Hot Water Bottle. This one is from the Fine Cotton Company, shop here:

The Fine Cotton Company:
Instagram –

My watch collection is so unhealthy. I’ve given loads away to friends and family, which left me with one silver one. When I opened this rose gold watch from Elie Beaumont I was sooo happy. Cute, minimalistic, and subtle enough to wear with near enough any colour or texture. Shop Here:

Elie Beaumont:
Instagram –

I am yet to try this tan, but if it does what it says it does then I’m impressed. The idea is the darker you want the tan, the longer you leave it on. I’m going to give this a go today and will do a separate review post! I hate not having a tan, it makes me sad. If you read my 10 things to do when you’re feeling down post (here) you’ll know that one thing I do is tan. It just makes me feel more confident and sassy.

Shop these here:

Instagram –

I have seen this perfume floating around Instagram and I’ve been so excited to smell it. I screamed like a little girl at christmas when I saw it. I have owned every single SJP perfume, I currently wear NYC by SJP every day. Well I did, until NOW! This perfume is the perfect musky scent for this time of year. I’m trying to be careful to not use this up, but I love it so much. Go get a sample of this now!

This is also from the Beauty Store (Links Above)


This broach, necklace and earrings are from Majique Jewellery. This bangle is super cute it twists so the quote rotates all around it. Also the rose gold leaf necklace is the perfect autumnal statement piece. Shop these here:

Majique Jewellery:
Instagram –


The final piece I got in this Fall Favourites hamper. This is a rose gold heart pendent necklace. I’m not sure I’m ever going to stop obsessing over rose gold. They have some gorgeous pieces on their site, such a variety or products and all beautiful and high quality.

Shop here:

I Love Designer:
Instagram –

I am so thankful for all of the companies that included their products in this hamper. it was like christmas came early. I feel so lucky to receive so many wonderful things. I am going to be hosting a giveaway for all of you guys so I feel less selfish (no such thing as a selfless act) let me know if there is anything specific you want to see!

As always, much love Amy xx




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