Norvell 1 hour Tan Review

Hi Guys! If you saw my Fall Favourites post you would have seen that this product was sent to me in a cute little hamper. (see here) At the time of writing it I hadn’t tried it out. I get sent so many different tans I’m never really in a huge rush to try them. This one however was the first ‘1 Hour Tan’ I had been sent so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Plus I had loads of cute new outfits sent through and I love shooting with a tan, so yesterday I tried this for the first time. This particular tan is a spray on tan, I SUCK at applying these. However this one didn’t turn out too bad. Not really streaky, and while it stinks like that mini cheddar tan smell (which I love) overall it’s not a bad tan.

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As you can see I’m pretty awful at spray tanning, so I used a tan mitt to even everything out. I hope you can see that the right leg has no tan on at this point! After I evened everything out  this is what I was left with:


Now I don’t think this is too bad. In fact I was pretty impressed. The darkness of the tan depends on the amount of time you leave it on for. It’s recommended for a dark tan you leave it on for 3 hours. I got distracted doing something or other and I think I had this on for about 4 hours.

If you follow me on twitter (amysowerby) you would have seen me being a super nerd sharing my true OOTD while tanning..


.. Primark ToyStory Pyjamas and my fav sweatpants from Onepiece HASHTAG FASHION BLOGGER!



This is the colour just before I washed off the top layer. I would say that after the initial shower I didn’t lose much colour. Also I had a bath this evening and still I’m pretty tanned, too tanned some might say (only crazy people cos theres no such thing DUURR)! THIS TAN DIDN’T STAIN MY BEDDING!!!! YAY!! This is literally all I ever wanted! I’ve had tans that leave ‘less’ than other tans, but this literally left nothing. This made me super happy, and Adam super happy because he isn’t crazy about sharing a bed with someone who smells and leaves stains (YUK) so win win for the Sowercock Household!


You can shop it here!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I can hand on heart recommend this!!


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