Bills Southampton – First Impression

On Saturday, I went for dinner at Bills, in their new restaurant in West Quay Watermark. I have been wanting to go here for as long as I can remember, so I was so excited to try this out.  The ambience of this place consumes you as soon as you walk through the door. The decor here is beautiful. 

When we arrived, we sat at the bar ordered some drinks and waited for our table to be ready. This didn’t take long at all, and was made even better by the fact a member of staff carried our drinks to our table for us. While this may sound crazy, small things like that really make the difference for me. I have nerve damage in my spine, so I have very shaky hands. Mix that with a spoonful of anxiety and it’s just a mess. Our waitress was not only lovely, and efficient she was very funny.

I ordered the pink lemonade. I was driving as I had been on a night out with my ‘work lads’ so I was a tad delicate. I am the biggest pink lemonade lover in the world, I always have a couple of bottles in my cupboards, so in the classic style of Amy Sowerby’s life motto ‘stick to what you know’ I played it safe. Plus it’s pink so it’s pretty, therefore win win. 

To start I had the calamari, which was very good. While we were eating, the restaurant was playing the best playlist ever. Throughout the evening the lights got dimmer and the music got better. I recall a track from Hall and Oates, can you ask for anything better. I would recommend this place based solely on the atmosphere. 

For the main I kind of panicked. I always do this, I know I need to make a decision, but the time frame stresses me out. So I went for the chicken burger, but I added: cheese, bacon and avocado. This was good, I didn’t finish it as I had my eyes on the desert menu so was slightly preoccupied. 

I went for the cinnamon doughnuts, by this point I was pretty full, but like a true champion I worked my way through them. 

My overall experience at Bills was amazing, I cannot praise the staff enough. It was a busy Saturday night and we were never left forgotten. 



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