I was lucky enough to be invited to Thaikhun! to try out their food at their new Southampton restaurant. I have had Thai food once in my life, I was tired and hungover after a weekend of Glamping and just was not feeling it. So I came here with an open mind and ready to try something new. Aside from the usual anxiety around attending a new place, I was actually excited.

When it came to choosing food I had no idea what I was doing. We had a sharing starter which was displayed in true street food style, placed in baskets on a mini metal table. 

 I didn’t get many photos while we were out. 1 Because I hadn’t seen my date in what felt like forever, and wanted to talk to him and 2 because I had spent all day at work photographing various people. Not complaining in the slightest as I thoroughly enjoyed my mini photography day, but nonetheless there’s only so much a small white girl can take. The food you can see in this image are fish cakes. They were my favourite. We had dumplings and spring rolls but I preferred the spice of the fish cakes. 

When it came to the main I was more clueless than ever. I hate ordering food at the best of times so I gave the responsibility to our Waiter. He suggested I try something that wasn’t very spicy, and me being the billy big balls I think I am, shut that option down and went for the Thai Green Curry. I’ve had home made ones before, which were good, but they don’t come anywhere close to this. 

He had Tofu Pad Thai, which AGAIN he ‘forgot’ to let me try, but I assume it was good because he didn’t complain. I did the classic thing of turning up to a restaurant starving hungry, ordering a massive starter and then being too full for the main. I ate a fair bit but couldn’t for the life of me complete it. 

Thaikhun was beautifully decorated throughout, the staff were so lovely and this is 100% one of my favourite places to eat in Southampton.

If you are out and about in Southampton and fancy trying something new to eat this restaurant is the place to go.In my eyes it’s as close as I’m going to get to Thailand anytime soon. 

I am giving this place a 9/10 couldn’t fault it! 

Check out the menu here


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