Breast Augmentation (Boob Job)

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have a boob job. I was always battling with myself whether to buy a house, car or boobs. After watching Sarah Ashcroft’s video of her post op progress I decided it was time to bite the bullet. I went online and found a company called Transform, I requested a free leaflet and within an hour or so I had a call asking if I would like to arrange a free consultation to get pricing and sizing. I’m pretty impulsive, and a big fan of ‘getting shit done’ so I agreed to a consultation the following Saturday, which was perfect for me as I worked throughout the week. Luckily when I was there the surgeon had a free space so I went in and chose the size of the implants I would be getting. I went for as big as I could go. I was about a 34B although I had never had been properly measured. I apparently didn’t have much room to play with so I couldn’t go as big as I would have liked. My surgeon was great, very to the point which I like as I’m not great at making decisions. All I had to do now was see the nurse and book the operation.

At this point in time I was working at my first ‘proper job’ as an Account Manager for an IT company. I loved the company and loved the people I worked with however things changed and I felt like it was time for me to leave. Luckily for me when I left I got 5 weeks paid leave, almost the amount of time needed to ‘fully’ recover. I booked my operation bear in mind this is about 3 weeks away from me requesting the leaflet everything moved very quickly. I had handed my notice in and was about to have my operation.

My good friends drove me up to London to have the operation, I have never been so excited for something in my life. That night I watched a video of the procedure and for some reason it really put my mind at ease. I realised this operation is done so often it’s not something to worry about there are very few complications. I turned up a couple of hours early to my appointment and within about 40 minutes I was dressed ready for theatre. I woke up in a recovery room unsure if I had had the operation I looked down and wanted to cry I finally had the boobs I’d always wanted. They were swollen and sore but not too bad considering I’d just been cut open and had bags of stuff inserted into me.

I had to stay overnight, my other half came to visit me, but at this point I had been given a lot of pain killers so I wasn’t really with it. I really enjoyed my stay at the hospital, I had my own nurse, and I didn’t see another patient. I had lovely food it was very peaceful, almost like a hotel. The next day my Isle of Wight friends got lost in the big city of London, their car broke down and they couldn’t find where I was staying. They couldn’t stay at the hospital so I found them a hotel to stay in which turned out to be dreadful. Anyway they eventually found me and took me home.

Once home I actually went shopping, I wanted a V shape pillow. I don’t like being told what to do and the one week of bed rest and taking it easy didn’t appeal to me. I would say after a week I found myself being back to normal. I wasn’t walking great that week, I was hunched over for a while because I wasn’t used to having massive boobs.

It’s now been 6 months since my operation, I am so happy with how they are now, no stretch marks and no pain. I have now been professionally measured at a 32E which I am more than happy with. If any of you are considering getting this operation I would highly recommend it and I cannot say enough nice things about Transform, even silly little things like people greeting me by my name knowing what was going on in my life, it all made a difference. They have small offices locally then a couple of hospitals around the country so going to check up appointments was very easy.

I cannot think of a single downside to having this operation, it’s made me more confident and happy. It’s cheesy but it’s amazing how much it can change your life.




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