Everyone has an opinion on this but I have legit seen things that cannot be explained. I am a believer and I will not try and justify why I will just share my experience.

Remember my pretty floral bedroom from 2012, this is what it was really like behind the photos!

The other day my mum and I were explaining to Sam all the weird things that had happened in our old house. I’ll start from the beginning.

When I was about 13 I was doing a wee in the early morning and I saw what I thought was my mum walking up the garden in her dressing gown to let the chickens out. I came out of the bathroom and saw my mum in the living room, and she asked why I was just in the garden. We were both freaked out but kinda left it there.

Age 15 we move to a large 4 bed detached house, which used to belong to army officers. Based on a private road it was a beautiful house with a massive garden and we were so excited to move in. With a games room and plenty of room for running around the garden as well as being close to town, which on the island is a big deal as there is only 1 bus provider and its terrible. Anyway we moved in and everything was great.

The house was recently decorated with new carpets and everything. I remember coming home from school once and finding that my mum had ripped up all of the carpet in a couple of the rooms. I asked her why and she just said I don’t know I just wanted to. This then escalated to her getting my dad to take the doors off and build new doors from scratch. My dad is very clever, and my granddad was a carpenter so he showed dad how to do it before he passed away.

My sisters room and mine were on the left hand side of the house and between each of our rooms we both had built in storage which would have been there when the house was built as it was inline with an old chimney breast. Almost every night I would hear her moving boxes back and fourth in her wardrobe it drove me mad, but I never said anything. There were bigger issues between us like stop stealing my bloody makeup! Anyway maybe a year or 2 after living there she said to me can you stop moving stuff in your wardrobe at night its really annoying. I looked at her blankly and told her I thought that was you. We let this slide and just assumed there was a logical explanation.

My room was the furthest away from the router so to get wifi I had to sit on the top of the stairs which was in front of the doorway to my  room. I had a desk on the other side of my room with a pile of a level text books on. After hearing an almighty bang I turned around to find the books were almost directly behind me, there was no way they had slipped off the desk, and if they had how did they make it across the room? Another time I had a plate with a teaspoon on it. Again I was sat on the stairs trying to get wifi, and I could hear a weird noise as if the spoon was spinning on the plate. I tried to debunk this several times but no luck.

We had a stair gate at the bottom of the stairs so Bow the beautiful cockapoo wouldn’t go upstairs. We went out one day and pushed his sad little face back indoors as he tried to squeeze his way outside to come with us. When we got home we couldn’t find him. We could hear him whimpering. If you’ve ever heard a dog when its hurt that’s the noise he was making. Not barking, crying. We eventually found him in my sister’s room upstairs. Now firstly there’s no way he could jump over the stair gate as it was so big. But secondly the doors in our house couldn’t be shut unless you pulled the handle down and shut it with force. Also the door handles were really high, a child couldn’t open these doors so how on earth a dog could have was beyond us. Also why the crying? We took him out, took him back downstairs all looked at each other strangely and carried on with our lives.

You know in horror films when people do stupid things like stay in the house that the haunting’s keep happening in? that’s what we were doing, we didn’t want to admit anything was happening so we just carried on like normal. Now this next event is harder to explain.

My sister was sat doing her make up one day, she had her phone charger on the floor and so she would not tread on it she pulled out a draw 2 up from the bottom so it would be impossible for her to do so. Her mirror was on the back of her wardrobe door, and when opened behind the wardrobe draw hung a canvas of a sunset. She felt the phone charger fling past her head, scraping her ear, then the canvas fell on the floor. She was screaming like the death scream, I remember I had no clothes on so I rushing into some clothes to go check on her and I saw the phone charger hid behind the door which made no sense. Also how it hit the canvas is also beyond me because it was behind the wardrobe door.

Around this time Lucy started having her seizures, for no reason she would drop down, no warning just start fitting. She’d wake up crying it’s horrible for her and horrible for us to watch because we cant do anything they don’t know why she has them but she’s 20 now and they’re still going on.

Some other weird things that happened I will bullet point or I’ll be here for years

  • Mum woke up in the middle of the night with her legs in the air and couldn’t get them down
  • Dad woke up and saw a figure standing over mum
  • Lucy had a pen with a clip on it (one which clips onto paper and stops it rolling away) Lucy saw this pen roll from one end of her chest of draws to the other.
  • In the corner of our kitchen (underneath Lucy’s wardrobes) and mine, we would hear almighty bangs and thuds; again, we did not think anything of it.
  • We would hear footprints from the landing upstairs

Mum was seeing a medium, I’ve never seen this lady but I met her son, and he asked me if a dog had died recently, and my family dog had died a week before and I burst into tears. At this point, none of my family members had passed away so I was sceptical and didn’t expect anything. I remember sending my boyfriend at the time to see the medium that my mum saw and she told him to stop being a dick to me. We both found this hilarious. Anyway, this medium (Penny) came to our house to do a clearing.

Apparently, there was three spirits in that house, one was a little girl called Marianna, she liked playing with the dolls house which was in the middle of the landing upstairs. This explained the footprints, she also apparently liked the dog so maybe it was her  that locked him in Lucy’s room. There was another spirit called Derrick he had seizures and suffered with mental health issues, there was a story behind him which I cant remember. One thing that was strange was the spelling of derrick its not how it’s normally spelt, but it was how my granddad Colin’s middle name was spelt. This could have just been a strange coincidence, anyway it was thought that derrick wanted to strip the house back to how it was when he lived thee when it was first built. It was believed that he was living through my mum’s body, hence why I would come home and find her ripping up carpets and doing god knows what. There was a third spirit this one we weren’t allowed to say his name but I’m pretty sure it was Sam or something like that, anyway he was an escaped prisoner. We lived right near Parkhurst and Albany prison. It turned out he had murdered women and children. His energy was thought to be in the part of the house which is where mine and my sisters wardrobe were all the way down through to the kitchen where the loud bangs happened. We hadn’t told Penny any of this, she said she’d done a lot of clearings in our area.

I remember coming home from sixth form and finding a candle burning on my bedroom floor. Mum said we had to leave it; they had done a séance in my bloody bedroom! This night we were all a bit creeped out and Penny said that the next couple of weeks might be a bit strange, but after than it will all be calm again. That night we experienced the biggest thunderstorm I have ever seen in my life. However, she was right, after a couple of weeks, apart from the occasional footsteps no more creepy stuff happened. Even as an adult, my sister still would not go in that house alone.

Charlie was not born while all of this was happening, but after he was born, when he was about 2 I remember him saying Amy there’s a man in the garden, so I went out there and apparently the man ran away. Kids being kids we let this slide. Charlie used to run into my parents room saying he was scared and could not sleep, mum thought he was testing them so she sent him back to bed. Now 4 in his new house he turns to mum and said ‘Mummy the statues don’t come and see me at this house’. when we tried to get more out of him he said there was a lady and a man dressed in old clothes that used to watch him in his bedroom, they didn’t speak they would just watch him. OFFICIALLY FREAKED OUT.

Last year my mum and dad moved into an 8-year-old cottage in a small village so hopefully no more scary stories.



  1. April 7, 2017 / 7:04 pm

    These stories were creepy, but very interesting to read!

  2. May 18, 2017 / 5:33 pm

    This must have been so scary! I really enjoyed reading this though, I’ve always been interested in things like this. However, wouldn’t want them to happen to me as I wouldn’t know what to do

    Tasha x


    • impishoradmirable
      May 19, 2017 / 1:02 pm

      At the time we didn’t really think much of it but looking back it was mental! xx

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