April – International Stress Awareness Month

I am no stranger to the effects of stress. I have a variety of conditions that are made worse from stress, vertigo, tremor anxiety etc. and because of this, I am always thinking of ways to keep stress at bay, here are my top tips for keeping stress levels down.

Take time off

I am not very good at taking my own advice because I rarely switch off and do nothing. I work 9-530 in an office as a digital marketer, come home and alongside running a house I keep up to date with blogging, YouTube and social media. I rarely come home and do nothing. Recently I have been scheduling a ‘do nothing evening’ now while the idea of scheduling a do nothing day seems a tiny bit controlling this is the only way I can get myself to actually do it. Turn off your phone, read a book watch Netflix go watch the sunset just do something that takes you away from your daily tasks.

Pamper Yourself

I find that having a bath really sets me up for a good nights sleep, as well as that I always feel better after a face mask and chilling evening. If you read my post things to do when you’re feeling down, you’ll know I like to tan and paint my nails as a way of doing a simple task that makes you feel better and stops you rushing along with the ocean of everyday chores.

Ask for Help

I am THE worst person at this, I’ve been the girl that relied on someone to help with everything and I soon found myself alone, and had to rebuild my life. So now, I am incredibly unnecessarily independent. Even things like asking someone to help you open that stiff jar of sauce, or even just asking a friend for some form of distraction because you’re feeling stressed. There is no shame in asking for help, if anything it shows that you are strong because you know when enough is enough. This is one thing I am working on!

Go Outside

Break your daily routine, go out for dinner, get a takeaway see some friends, pet a stranger’s dog, just go outside and do something you would not normally do. This small break in your routine can put things into perspective. Admittedly, this is easier said than done.

Write Lists

Finally, if you are a high functioning person who suffers with anxiety like myself, you will know you give yourself more jobs to do that really need to be done. Write a list, prioritise and then set yourself realistic goals, try to remove some jobs that are not that important. You do not need to do everything, chill it will all be OK.

Let me know your methods of chilling out. I have other methods for keeping calm, but I like to keep things positive on my blog and do not want to encourage people to adopt my bad habits!



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