The Cornhill Clinic Transform – I Got My Lips Done!

I have been wanting my lips done for so long, I have been cursed with the terrible lips of the Bastiani Family (maternal side) When Transform opened The Cornhill Clinic I was invited to the open day but I was out of the country so I missed it.

Last week I travelled up to London to the new clinic to finally get my lips done! I had my eyebrows micro bladed 2 days before so my face had had its fair share of pain already so I wasn’t really worried. To be honest I thought I was popping up for a meeting, but the next thing I knew there were needles in my mouth.

This is what I love about Transform. When I had my Breast Augmentation with them, I had the procedure done within 3 weeks of my consultation; they are super quick which satisfies my impatient ways.

The new Cornhill Clinic is so beautiful, all white and clean perfectly decorated and located 2 minutes away from bank underground station it’s so easy to get to. As always the staff were amazing, from the receptionist, the patient coordinator and the DR everyone was lovely. I spoke through my options with the doctor, we got chatting about blogging and she was happy to hear that I feel if it wasn’t from my previous treatment with transform I probably wouldn’t have even started blogging. Trying to have this conversation with numbing cream on my lips was hard, but we got there in the end!

I had heard from friends that having lip fillers is quite painful, however, it wasn’t too bad. They numb your lips so its not as bad as it could be. The initial injection hurts, you feel the needle, then you feel the filler go in. After the first injection the others weren’t as bad. Apart from watery eyes there were no other reactions from the pain. Within 5 minutes I had had 1 ml of filler in and I was good to go. I jumped straight on the train back to Southampton I was by myself so didn’t do much talking. Drinking was hard because I was still numb. By the time I got back to Southampton I thought I would do a bit of shopping and enjoy a rare day off. On the bus back home I tried to eat some sushi. This proved to be most difficult as by this time I was swollen.


This is the two dramatic images, the first is me before any filler, and the last is me at my most swollen. I was told to take photos when they are really swollen to see if i would want to go any bigger (I think I might).

The next day I was a bit sore but I was OK, I went about my tasks for the day, getting lash infills and a new set of acrylics then hopped onto a boat to the Isle of Wight. My lips were slightly less swollen but I was still getting used to life with bigger lips! A week after getting them done I still have some bruising but you can’t see it if I’m wearing lipstick, which I am now loving wearing.


This is me straight after, and then 2 hours after. As you can see there is a bit of blood but nothing too terrifying!






If you’re debating getting your lips done but not sure about the pain, I would recommend doing it because it’s not actually that bad. Just maybe book some recovery days if you’re embarrassed about having swollen lips and not being able to drink like you used to be able to. I have very little shame so this didn’t bother me.

These can last anything from 3 months to a year, depends on the person. However apparently because of the way its done your lips will never be as small as they were, I do think I’ll be having this done again though, I love having plump lips and apparently they’re quite nice to kiss! 

If you have any questions please let me know, I have a video going live next week (Sunday) which should answer some questions, but if not let me know!

Visit their website here


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