Breast Augmentation FAQ

After receiving questions from a couple of people I thought I would do another post about FAQ’s and advice. I’ve been wanting to write this for a while but I’ve burnt two of my fingers and have no skin left so bending/typing is very hard.

The question I was asked the most was how much did it cost.

This is a hard questions because there’s so much more to factor into it. The surgery itself cost just under £5000 however I had to buy a couple of hideous supportive bras from M&S £30 a pop!  Although I was in pain from the operation I had no problem with popping to the shop to buy extra bras after the surgeon had covered mine in blue pen! I love shopping, I’ve been told many times I have a problem with it, however on this occasion it was a need more than a want.


*note the hideous pen covered bra*

In this picture I’m feeling dopey as I had just come round from the operation and had been given some fantastic painkillers. As you can kind of see my boobs were a really weird shape when they were first done. After about 6 weeks (ish) they were where they should be. I didn’t have a great deal of skin around them so they were very tight and swollen, weirdest sensation in the world – that I’ve experienced anyway.

After my operation I couldn’t wait to go and buy new underwear. I had to wear this hideous supportive bra for 6 weeks, however I was naughty and changed after 4 weeks because I felt like I was ready, and I wait anymore. I spent around £300 on new underwear. I had never spend major money on bras and things because I knew one day I would have to throw them away. So I bought new bras and matching underwear, and also had to buy new tops as not many fit me. For once in my life I felt confident, so I bought low cut tops, tight tops, you name it I bought it.

I could buy clothes that I liked without worrying about hiding what had been beautifully named ‘boy tits’. As you can imagine shifting this nickname was a great accomplishment. I now refer to them as Big Beautiful Boobs I love a bit of alliteration.


This is one of my new Boux Avenue Bras. I went there to get fitted after I had healed. I’d always been so nervous about this even after the op. however the girls in there were so lovely, they helped me chose styles of bra’s that were pretty and supportive as well as matching underwear. I basically sat in the changing room telling them what I wanted and this lovely girl was running around getting them for me!

My sister did very well out of my operation. I gave her my old clothes and even my old Triangl bikini. It physically pained me giving that away, however the lovely girls at Triangl sent me a new bikini from their range that supports smaller girls with larger boobs. I was over the moon. I love everything about Triangl bikinis, just a shame they don’t give you great instant abs like their models!

Recovery Period:

Technically it is 6 weeks. I didn’t play sport for 6 weeks, but at this point I wasn’t a member of the gym I only played netball, and I didn’t fancy having some aggressive women bang into my freshly made boobs so I waited as I should. I did however do things like washing, making the bed and general chores from about a week after.

First Week:

One thing I would recommend more than anything is make sure you have someone with you for the week after the operation. Luckily for me my lovely boyfriend to help. He washed my hair for me, cooked my dinners and made sure I was alright. He pretty much cared for me that entire week which I am very grateful for. To be fair though if your girlfriend had just got big beautiful boobs you would probably want to be in her good books!


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  1. April 28, 2016 / 9:39 pm

    How is your back feeling since you had the change? I find your story facinating as I am naturally a simlar size to yours now and I have struggled with the sheer weight of them in proportion to my body.

    • April 29, 2016 / 7:39 am

      Hiya, my back is fine, the implants only weigh about 280g each so it’s not too bad! That’s awful that you’re in pain maybe see someone? X

  2. Jessica
    June 24, 2016 / 9:32 pm

    They look so natural!! Who was your surgeon?!xx

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