KuPP Southampton – West Quay Watermark – Foodie Review 

KuPP West Quay Watermark

We went to Kupp in West Quay Watermark to sample their new restaurant last weekend.  Unfortunately I couldn’t make the VIP opening the week before so they were kind enough to let me and a plus one come and visit a week after.

When we arrived we were greeted by helpful smiley faces who let us chose where we wanted to be seated. I spotted a well-lit pretty pastel blue table at the front of the building. We were looking out onto the Southampton walls, where Wimbledon was playing on the big screen. It was a perfect sunny Saturday summers evening.

We started the evening with some drinks, I chose a rose (potentially the best glass I’ve ever had) and he chose a pint of bitter. We sat and giggled, chose our food and before long our sharing starter was with us.


We played it safe with some meatballs which were coated in hollandaise sauce (my favourite) and gravy. As soon as we had finished our starter, it  was cleared and our main was on its way. I had a venison burger and chips (best chips ever) and he had a 28 day dried steak and a potato pancake style side. 

We opted out of desert and had cocktails instead. As a mojito lover I chose the Scandinavian equivalent, which apparently makes people forget about the original. This is made with Dill rather than mint. It was nice, however I still love a classic mojito. He had a fruity magical concoction which went down way too easily.


The decor was a minimalists heaven. Well lit in areas for the perfect shot for the ‘gram and beautiful mood lighting in the rear of the restaurant. The turquoise colour scheme was aesthetically pleasing and matched my dates shirt, which made for lots of laughs (for me anyway).


I cannot fault the service, the staff were lovely. The food was okay but the cocktails were fantastic! If you’re out and about in Southampton and fancy a cocktail you MUST visit here. While their version of a mojito isn’t (in my opinion) better than the original it’s still amazing.

People of Southampton go check this place out now.  The idea is, you get Scandinavian food in a British way. The style of casual dining is appealing to anyone who enjoys a chilled out evening. I love the fact the dishes are intended to be shared as it makes for a more intimate evening.  

I’ll be back soon Kupp, whether it’s for brunch or cocktails, you will see me soon.


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