Be Your Own Perfect Girl with Boohoo #ALLGIRLS

This year I have learnt the importance of friendships. Long lasting friendships involve a lot of compromise and understanding.

People are different and we should love each other because of our differences, not in spite of them. I jumped at the chance of working with Boohoo on this #AllGirls campaign because I love nothing more than girls coming together, supporting and empowering one another.

It’s time we all realise that how we look, what we wear and what we do does not define WHO we are. We are our thoughts, our opinions, the way we react, how we help people and the way we laugh.

The ‘ideal woman’ is a construct. I have so many guy friends and every single one of them has a different interpretation of the ideal women. So why, as women, can we not make our ideal women ourselves? The ideal woman is whoever you want her to be. Love yourself, you are your unique selling point. Everything you do, do it for you (within reason) you’ve got to stay true to yourself, there is only one you.

I’m not a fan of categorising girls by their appearance. I don’t identify as Amy the – ‘slightly below average height woman with massive feet and a big forehead’ I’m Amy the laddy, inappropriate and self-accredited ‘hilarious legend’ with Marxist feminist views. However, we cannot deny that there are quite literally size labels for the clothes we wear. As a smaller than average person I struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans, always opting for ‘normal’ jeans and rolling them up. That’s why I love Boohoo. They cater for all girls. Imagine finding the perfect dress, but knowing it’s not going to fit right because you’re really tall, or small. This All Girls Campaign is what dreams are made off.


All Girls can shop Boohoo here.


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