My Story: Does The Internet Make Cheating More Likely? 

People are very quick to jump to the conclusion that the internet is damaging to relationships. Now, while I may be slightly bias; I bloody love the internet, I believe any issues, regardless of what they are, stem from an underlying issue with oneself.

If you are insecure, and maybe a tad jealous, this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to trusting your other half, with the entire World Wide Web in the palm of their hand.

It seems once you start speaking to a women, no matter what age they are, they’ve all got a story of betrayal to tell. I cannot think of a SINGLE female I know that hasn’t been cheated on or betrayed in some way. So why are we so embarrassed to talk about it? It’s swept under the rug like our dirty little secret. Well not today Satan! Welcome to my cheating story.

In my eyes, technology plays no part in breaking people up or causing problems. The thing that causes problems (when no cheating is actually taking place) is the lack of trust and insecurities, which I TOTALLY GET. Technology gives the ability to access more people than we can ever imagine. This ability is a gift, and a choice. We don’t have to speak to everyone on the internet, we don’t have to reply to inappropriate snapchats, and we can simply unfollow and block people that put us in a situation where something could be misconstrued as cheating.

There seems to be 2 types of people when it comes to dealing with the issue of technology in relationships, and I’ve been both. There’s the one that’s over protective and likes to check up, reads your messages and knows where you are 100% of the time. But there’s the other girl, the girl that’s chill, lets you get on with it, never looks at your phone, never asks questions, just relaxed about everything. Having been both of these girls I can confirm it means nothing. BOTH of these relationships ended in the guy texting multiple girls, receiving pictures and in one circumstance, even going on a first ‘date’ (which wasn’t a date apparently) with a girl from Tinder who he’d never met. The moral of the story is, regardless of what you do, if they’re going to cheat on you, they’re going to do it anyway.

What I have learnt, is this is no reflection on the victim, they just weren’t the right person for you. If someone really loves you, really gives a shit about you, they won’t intentionally hurt you. The major lesson here is there is no going back. Once that trust is broken it’s game over. Yes you can stay together and play happy families (did this both times) but ultimately it’s wrong for both of you. You deserve so much more than stupid people that do stupid selfish things. It’s better to be alone, knowing that you have complete control of your happiness, rather than with someone who betrays you.

The best thing to do in these situations, is take a step back. When you love someone and they hurt you it’s crap. You want to forget it happened and quickly glue back together the pieces of your heart, tell no one about, it due to embarrassment and crack on as normal. Hand in hand all smiles and rainbows it’s easy to pretend. However, think about it as if your bestie had just told you this had happened to her. What would you say? Leave them right? Yeah so do it, move on, bye Felicia. NOTHING is worse than spending your precious time with people who don’t deserve it. People who cheat tend to become controlling. They mirror, they make you feel bad for them cheating on you. I once begged someone to stay with me after they cheated on me, like wtf was that!? ‘Love’ is blinding and its dangerous. The rose tinted glasses give you the ability to make ridiculously stupid decisions, so take a step back and evaluate.

Yes people make mistakes, but it’s not a mistake if you proactively meet someone, talk to someone or sleep with someone. If someone doesn’t appreciate you, sack them off, you deserve the world because you’re majestic.


Note: Ironically this ‘don’t be a dick’ tee shot was in the bedroom of my ex boyfriend and I (lol).



  1. January 9, 2018 / 4:34 pm

    Such an important post! I’ve also been both the “checker” with phones and the “chill” laid back girlfriend…cheated on either way! You’re so right that if a person is going to cheat, they’ll find a way regardless of your attitude. It’s so important for our peace of mind to remember we can’t control it and that we deserve better regardless of our emotions for the person.

  2. Anonymous
    August 15, 2018 / 3:17 am

    So I open snap chat start the small talk around 2.30 , put it this way if my mrs wasn’t her best friend I would be fuking her!!

    so I have a line and think fuk it… I reckon she at least got wet or had a play, my messages went on for ages. what I would do..
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    • Anonymous
      August 15, 2018 / 3:17 am

      That me from twitter above

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