Loungewear Collection

My biggest obsession at the moment is loungewear. After a long day at work it’s great to come home, put a comfy loungewear set on and chill out. You can even dress it up for a comfy day out!

I have recently been sent this lovely loungewear set from FitzPots Boutique. I was raving about this over on my Instagram.

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Black is slimming which is always a good thing in my books. Also super comfy so perfect for lounging around all day. This is the best fitting loungewear I have ever had. There’s no unnecessarily saggy bits like I have experienced with other brands.

The good thing with particular loungewear set is that it can be styled to wear out without you looking and feeling gross. I paired this with my Boohoo jacket, Trafford fashion outlet bag, and MissPap Yeezy dupes.


You could probably do this with any colour loungewear set, I just think it looks better with black. Plus because this is tight fitting it feels more slimming, therefore you feel more confident.


Next up is this MissPap grey loungewear set. Grey is perfect. I have teamed this with my Everdaywigs Blue synthetic lace wig. I love wearing a wig, my natural hair could be in a complete knotty mess and no one would know! You get to experiment with different colours without committing to them! I’ll do a post o my wig collection soon.



I’ve now accumulated so many different types of loungewear sets that I am now combining them. Mix and match loungwear.


Here I have mixed my grey Miss Pap set with me camo Forevermodo set. There is so much hair on this wig that its hidden my waist!

My most recent loungewear addition was this burgundy lace up set from Celeb Look uk having a range of colours and sets means you can mix and match dress up or down. Always a winner!

Thanks for reading 😘


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