Hair Care Must Haves 

My hair has had it’s fair share of abuse over the years. Along the way I have come across some great hair care products, some high end and some “low end” products. As I have a weave, it doesn’t produce natural oils so I have to make sure I keep it moisturized in order to keep it looking fresher for longer.

My ultimate favourite hair care brand is Bed Head. This is nostalgic for me as when we were younger we would occasionally go to the salon to get our hair done and they’d always used this. They even have a pet care range ‘Pet head’ I haven’t seen it around in ages but I’m so excited to get it for Bertie. If you buy this in the salon it’s going to cost you around £20-£30. However never fear as TKmaxx do this for around £12. I have recently discovered a love for the shop B&M retail, I was browsing in there the other day and found these items for only £6.99 each! That’s like 75% discount! I get a bit over excited over discounts.

These smell amazing, although they are great I would say they aren’t worth the RRP. That is mainly because I’m cheap. These are my favourite brand, but I would always buy them discounted. Plus you can get similar results using high street brands.

If you are looking for a good low end hair care range, you must try these lorel serums. Where I wear hair extensions they dry out very easily, so at least 3 times a day I run a tiny amount through my hair. You can normally get these in Boots on a 3 for 2 offer. For shampoo and conditioner treseme silky smooth is a must have.


My biggest advice for hair extension care, or even natural hair is no matter what you are doing, always straighten it first. This seals the follicles so stops it from appearing frizzy, so stops matting. Also invest in a good hair brush, I would highly recommend the tangle teaser just because it doesn’t damage your hair as much. If you have a weave or other hair extensions these are great as they glide over the plait/ micro rings so cause less damage compared to a normal hair brush.

I was recently sent one of these aquishair towels to review. I was really sceptical about this because it’s a towel so what more could it do? Honestly this has changed my life. My hair takes forever to dry because it’s so long and thick but with this it took me about 5 mins (half the time) I hardly had to use a hair dryer. I cannot recommend this enough. I wasn’t paid to say this, I am just honestly amazed. I made Adam feel my hair but as I guy he really didn’t understand how exciting it was! This is also frizz reducing which saved me as my hair resembles Tracy beaker! Check these guys out here I promise you won’t be disappointed! 

If you’re trying to grow your hair or make it generally healthier check out my hair growth post. I was totally amazed by the results of these.

If you have any questions please ask!


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