How I lost over half a stone in 2 weeks!

Now I’m going to start this post as honest as I can. I am super impressed with my before and after pictures created from using this product. Yes I was sent these products for free, but was not paid to post my results. I was paid however for the right to use my before and after picture. This is my most honest opinion of this product so please continue to read if you want to find out what exactly it was that I used! 

So honest statement number two, I spend my days in an office with boys who eat like pigs. I doubt they are reading this but if you are you know I mean that in the nicest way possible. Anyway, we were ordering so many dirty lunches, by this I mean takeaways or just general filthy meals. Things we shouldn’t be eating if we wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the rise of slimming world and fad diets wives and girlfriends were getting thinner and the boys and myself were not. The point I am trying to get across is that if I wanted to lose weight I just had to stop eating the rubbish. Simple! I had a relatively active lifestyle, owning a puppy and cycling to work meant that I wasn’t exactly lazy. However having the will power to say no to breakfast pastries and burger king lunches required a little more than will power. 

Nurtibuddy offered to send me there weight loss pack. Bearing in mind this was only £24.99 I was inquisitive to see what would come of it. Like everything I was super sceptical and not expecting massive results. 

This pack contains the following:

Shaker bottle

Hunger capsules


Whey protein meal replacement

Meal and exercise plan

Recipe book 

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I started taking the tablets/capsules straight away. 1 before each meal so three a day. These are what I think helped me the most. Just because the boys were still having their dirty lunches but I wasn’t interested. I stayed with my relatively healthy lunches nothing major, still substantial like chicken and veg maybe some couscous or quinoa. A lot of my lunches were actually healthy ready meals sent to me from Yolo Foods these are life savers if your balancing a full time job with anything else. I work all day, while keeping up to date with hundreds of personal emails, come home to a puppy that needs attention and a house that need cleaning. In actual fact all I want to do when I get in is spend a bit of quality time with Adam as I feel sometimes like I’m neglecting him of which I am sorry for. Anyway back to the point, I’ve noticed I’ve started going off topic a lot recently, but hey what can you do, it’s my blog so I’ll write what and how I like! Unfortunately I ate these meals so quickly I didn’t get a chance to take any pretty pictures of them, just you usual food snaps on snapchat. (amysowerby) 


The first week was where I lost my most weight. I hate to admit it but I was over 10st and at only 5″4 that is touching the overweight line. I have never been really happy with my body. My breast augmentation helped but I still hated my tummy. I lost around 6lbs in the first week, which I was so happy with but I knew this level wouldn’t be sustainable. I lost 2lbs the next week. So overall 8lbs in 2 weeks? Not bad at all. I’m obviously no where near where I want to be. I want to promote self love and enforce that you don’t have to be picture perfect (which itself isn’t even real) to be happy. I’m sure you have days where you wish you looked more like a Victoria secrets model, as I know I do.  But until they create leg lengthening surgery I will not, and I’m okay with that. (Sort of) 

I have been debating whether to post this picture or not. It’s actually terrifying me. But I’ve got nothing to lose I’m proud of what I’ve done and hopefully in a couple of months I’ll be able to tell you about how I can now do a pull up or a push up. I want to be strong, healthy and happy! 

I hope you like this post, this genuinely is a fantastic package. I don’t promote things I don’t believe in or I think are unsafe as I don’t want want to taint my word. Obviously the same with everything, these are my experiences, yours may be different, but I would hope better as I didn’t really do any extra exercise for this. If you follow me on snapchat (amysowerby) you will see that I take my nutribuddy shaker everywhere with me. I’ve started adding the whey protein into my morning smoothie! If you have any experience with this product let me know I’d love to see your results. I will be posting a discount code over on my Instagram at some point.

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Much love xx 



  1. September 9, 2016 / 2:15 pm

    Just stumbled across your blog – wow this is amazing!! Such fantastic progress, especially for 2 weeks! Definitely got me motivated 🙂

    Georgia ♡

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