I like to refer to myself as a small time island girl living on the mainland. I come from the Isle of Wight. I left when I was 18 into a little apartment in Southampton and worked as an Account Manager for an IT company, dealing with  multi billion pound accounts. I decided this wasn’t for me after just under 2 years and left. I had a boob job and floated around for about 6 months before I found the company I work at now. The company I work for is in the same industry as my previous, but I am now a Business Coordinator. This is just a generic term for saying I do everything. Anything with regards to procurement, invoicing, finance, and even helping to chose new office furniture, I help. I love my job. I wake up everyday happy with what I do. I work with great people and truly enjoy every part of it.

Because I now have less work stress I have had time to focus on my blog. Hence why when I started my new company I started my blog. I have a very supportive system around me. I suffer with a variety of illnesses, mental and physical but I don’t let them stop me doing what I want to do.

My only aim in life is to live without regrets. Everything happens for a reason. Its all okay in the end, and if it’s not okay it’s not the end.