Sarah Ashcroft X InTheStyle WISHLIST – Shopeable Links

  While I don’t have the figure to rock all of these looks, I thought I’d put a wish list together as you’ve got to support other bloggers no matter how big or small they are. GO TEAM INTERNET! Shop the collection here or click the images  

I’m Addicted to Nostalgia #AD

I’m addicted to nostalgia. I am always looking to recreate feelings and moments from my past, mainly from my childhood. Since moving away from home to a city where I know no one its easy for me to romanticise the life I once had. My first year away from home was hard; I didn’t really…

Not Your Normal Travel Post – DANGER CAMPING

While your normal travel blogger will find beautiful locations around the world, I find beauty where I live. This is solely down to the fact that I do not have the time to travel around the world. It is all well and good making excuses, I could travel if I really wanted to, but I…

How to Deal With Negative People

We have all experienced negative people in our lives, whether it is them doubting your ability to achieve your dreams, or a negative comment about your appearance. Some are worse than others are, but this is what you should do about it.

National Sibling Day #NationalSiblingDay

I am lucky enough to have been bought up with a sister who is only 20 months younger than me. She was one school year below me so we hang out with each other’s friends and became very close. We lived in what we believe to be an incredibly haunted house (post here) so we…

April – International Stress Awareness Month

I am no stranger to the effects of stress. I have a variety of conditions that are made worse from stress, vertigo, tremor anxiety etc. and because of this, I am always thinking of ways to keep stress at bay, here are my top tips for keeping stress levels down. Take time off I am…

The Cornhill Clinic Transform – I Got My Lips Done!

I have been wanting my lips done for so long, I have been cursed with the terrible lips of the Bastiani Family (maternal side) When Transform opened The Cornhill Clinic I was invited to the open day but I was out of the country so I missed it.